Upcoming Events

We look forward to welcoming you to our upcoming events which are a great opportunity to meet and network with your fellow Old Friends.

‘Business Attire’ but don’t forget to wear your Society tie or lapel pin!


Thursday 21st March – Spring Guest Dinner: –  London, The Holiday Inn, Kensington High St, Wrights Lane, W8 5SP (18:30pm) BOOK HERE

Tuesday 23rd April – AGM and Members Dinner: – RAF Club, London (18:30pm) BOOK HERE

12th  June – Summer Event: – Summer Boat Cruise (SR)

Thursday 4 July – Clachan Gin Evening: – Birmingham(TR/SB)

Thursday 5th September – Autumn Clachan: – venue TBC

Thursday 10th October – Autumn Dinner: – venue TBC (SR/DL)

Tuesday 10th December – Xmas Clachan: – venue TBC (SH)


Dates to be announced shortly

Don’t forget the Previous Events page HERE for highlights and photos of the events!