Welcome to The Society of Old Friends

The Home of Good Fellowship since 1909

The Society of Old Friends was formed in 1909 under the leadership of Jack Barwick and his colleague Frank House. The following is an extract from The Stationers’ Gazette, 19th February 1910.
“On Friday evening, 28th January, a merry company assembled at the Clachan Hotel, Kingly St, to take part in the annual dinner of “Ye Olde Friends”. Mr W.J Barwick presided and it goes without saying that with so genial and accomplished a chairman the function was an unqualified success.’
“Mr Barwick spoke of the great benefit arising from these gatherings which did so much to sweeten the business relations between those who thus passed an occasional hour together in convivial pleasure. The suggestion had been made, he said, that these occasions should be more frequent and for that purpose a society should be formed to be called ‘Ye Olde Friends’.”
It was actually named The Society of Old Friends, and more than a century later we remain true to its origins. We exist to promote good fellowship and to organise excellent events for members to meet and ‘sweeten business relations’.
The Society organises informal meetings in pubs, known as Clachans after that original meeting in 1909, and Society Dinners a couple of times a year, to which Honoured Guests are invited to speak. Our roll call of guests is something of which we are immensely proud – click on history to see why!