AGM – April 2016

We had a great night at the recent AGM at the RAF Club where we enjoyed the traditional steak and kidney pudding dinner and were entertained by Michael Binyon OBE. Our breaking news is that Old Friend David Langdown is our new President Elect, congratulations to him!

For those not in attendance, here is part of our President’s Kiran D. Mistry speech:

“We had the lowest expenditure in 3 years and managed to make the highest charity donation in the last 5 years – £1855 and along the way, more members and guests enjoyed our Clachans and Dinners.

Today, we have set up an entertainment sub-committee to ensure we ‘refresh’ our Clachan/Dinner offering and it will be led by Old Friend John Logan.

In the past year, we enjoyed 8 events and my thanks extend to Old Friend Tina Russell, Sue Ford, Steve Cafferty, Geoffrey Betts, John Waits and Stewart Barton-Taylor for organising the Clachans, trips and dinners.

I wish to pass my congratulations to Old Friend Philip Lawson as he takes on the BOSS CEO role and Old Friend Geoffrey Betts as he takes on the BOSS Chairman’s role. We also wish Old Friend Michael Gardener a happy retirement.

And finally, special thanks to our Honorable Secretary, Tina Russell – if we were a political party, she would be the Chief Whip – she keep us all in order……..sincere thanks also go to Honorable Treasurer Old Friend Mike Holme and Membership Secretary Old Friend Mike James.”

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