AGM – April 2022

Members Virtual Annual General Meeting: 19th April 2022

The 113th Annual General Meeting was, for the third time, held virtually.

The President, Steve Robinson, welcomed the attending members (c.25) to the meeting and asked all to join him in raising a glass to those departed.

After apologies for absence the minutes of the previous year’s meeting were approved.

In the Presidents report of the previous year Steve talked about the successes of the actual events we were able to hold, the September Clachan and Autumn Guest Night, and the virtual Quiz Night held in February.

John Logan, Honorary Treasurer, gave his final report on the finances for the year and membership status. The reports were proposed, seconded and unanimously approved by on-line vote.

There being no proposed changes to the rules we moved on to the election of Office Bearers where there are a number of changes.

Last year John Logan was voted in as President and Steve Hilleard was proposed to take over as Honorary Treasurer. The vote for this was unanimous.

Last year Tina Russell kindly agreed to continue as Honorary Secretary until this year and Liz Whyte was nominated to take over under Tina’s guidance. The vote for this was also unanimous.

The current Officers are as follows

                                    John Logan                 President

                                    Steve Robinson          Immediate Past President

                                    Steve Hilleard             Honorary Treasurer

                                    Liz Whyte                    Honorary Secretary

There were also some changes to the rest of the committee with Past President David Langdown stepping down and Vicky McKenna joining.

With Old Friends Ian Buckley and Tim Bonnett, the rest of the committee stans as follows

                                    Tina Russell

                                    Ian Buckley

                                    Helen Wade

                                    Tim Bonnett

                                    Suzanne Tiernan

                                    John Watson

                                    Vicky McKenna

The microphone then passed to the incoming President, John Logan, who started by paying tribute to the Immediate Past President for the excellent and professional work he has done over the last three years which has brought the Society through the pandemic.

John has made a vow that his speeches will not be long – and he did not disappoint!

After giving a brief summary of his history in Office Products, which spans over 35 years, and The Society of Old Friends, 16 years, John gave an insight of his plans for the future and the structure of the committee.

By tradition, the auditors for this year’s accounts will be the last two members who joined the previous year, Mia Trangmar and Jonathan Whitmore.

With no further items of competent business raised the formal part of the 113th Annual General Meeting was closed at 19.04 and the opportunity given to attendees to socialise, albeit on-line.

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