Brummie Clachan – August 2017

Brummie Clachan: August 10th – The Jekyll & Hyde

The Jekyll and Hyde in Birmingham was an excellent venue for the Brummie Clachan, being easy to find and located a short stroll from the Holiday Inn Express, where double rooms were just £45 a night! For several Old Friends, including your President, it was their first Brummie Clachan but certainly won’t be their last!

The event, which had been organised by Old Friend Sammy Bartley attracted 25 Old Friends, the highest Brummie attendance in a long while, and but for four late cancellations, it would have been 29!

The Old Friends are keen on their traditions, but it’s always fun to try different experiences too. The experiment of having a cream tea rather than the usual buffet was welcomed, but is unlikely to be repeated any time soon. The combination of cream cakes, scones, chocolate lollies and beer was a challenge for some! That said, it did offer the opportunity to open the age old debate about the correct pronunciation of “scone”. For the record, this remains unresolved with the vote 50/50!

Substantial amounts of alcohol were consumed and a great time was had by all!

The raffle prize of a bottle of Champagne was won by Old Friend Barry Robbins guest, Adam Wearing.

The President reminded Old Friends that the Autumn Clachan and Dinner dates have changed and that the correct dates are on the website. He was delighted to announce that the Guests for the Autumn Dinner will be the comedian and author, David Baddiel and the Frankie Valli Tribute show, Big Girls Don’t Cry starring the East Coast Boys. It promises to be another outstanding event and early booking is recommended.


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