Brummie Clachan – July 2019


In keeping with it’s literary history, the Society held it’s Brummie Clachan at the Plough & Harrow where, just over 100 years earlier, J R R Tolkien had stayed and it was here that Tolkien received a telegram summoning him to Folkestone for posting to France to fight in the 1st World War.

But it was the sunshine that made the biggest impact – a beautiful evening out on the terrace looking down on the gardens was the setting for a BBQ feast.

We truly are a solar-powered species and, after burgers, chicken, sausages, salads and (many) second-helpings, the mood of the 25 attendees oscillated between buoyant and boisterous all evening, with the air filled with the sound of Society laughter.

As is customary, the President said a few words of welcome and, in particular, thanked Sammy and Tina for organising such a great evening, and then Old Friend Liz Whyte drew the raffle, and the Pimms-Party-In-A-Bag was won by a jubilant Old Friend, Steve Cafferty.

It was such a good evening that Old Friends were still sitting outside drinking, chattering and bantering late into the night, when the lights had gone out and the staff had completed all their breakfast preparations.

A glorious evening that great memories are made of – thank you Birmingham!

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