London Clachan – September 2021


The sun shone, the food was plentiful, the beer and wine went down too easily and the company was great!

And so it was the a small band of Old Friends got together, despite all the work and pandemic pressures to enjoy a typical Old Friends gathering.

This lovely new Old Friends venue was discovered by Old Friend Tim Bonnett nestled under the Southwark railway arches who very kindly made all the arrangements for us, including arranging for your committee to meet at the venue beforehand. The location could not have been easier to get to and with the sun shining, we spilled out onto the cobbled pavement of this quiet little cul-de-sac and enjoyed a classic late summer afternoon (and we’ve not seen many of those this year, have we?).

Tim had also organised not one, not two, but three delicious and emminently drinkable raffle prizes.

3rd price was won by Old Friend Barry Cronin, 2nd prize was won by Old Friend Janet Bell (and then default the newest member to the Society, Jonathan Whitmore) and the 1st prize qwas won by none other than Steve Hilleard – the bottle of bubbly will no doubt go towards the stash he is building in preparation for celebrating 30 years of trading for OPI later this month!

All the fun was captured by Old Friend Suzanne Tiernan who did a sterling job as Chief Photographer for the evening, as you can see below …

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