Spring Clachan – February 2021

Spring Clachan: 25th February 2021 – Virtual

And now for something completely different!

In yet another astonishingly strong turnout, over 100 members and guests joined the Magical Clachan to witness some amazing illusions, trickery, slight of hand and, yes, magic on the 25th February at the hands of master magician and member of the Magic Circle, Lee Smith.

After some time informal Zoom networking amongst members, and then an introduction by the President, Lee started by inviting members to open the small package that they had received in advance of the Clachan that contained some elastic bands and a ‘special’ deck of cards.

Lee then proceeded to stun the audience with some incredible magic tricks. It is worth bearing in mind that these tricks were shown on multiple cameras with one, in particular, being a close-up of Lee’s hands – and yet the oo’s and ahh’s from the audience clearly showed that, despite the microscopic scrutiny, most were left dumbfounded!

But things got even more bemusing as Lee tried to demonstrate a “very simple” trick using slight of hand with the elastic bands. Despite some very intense concentration it quickly became clear that confidence was not matched by competence and this ‘simple’ trick needed a great deal more practice!

The introduction of the special cards into the demonstration process was a great moment when metaphorical doors were opened, internal lights went on and eyes were widened, as both members and guests saw the potential for showing off their burgeoning magical talents and the old adage that ‘the tools maketh the person‘ took shape!

Under Lee’s masterful guidance the virtual evening was filled with laughter and puzzlement producing yet another great Society night to remember!


If you have a virtual event and would like to consider incorporating the fantastic Lee Smith into your evening to add a magical touch, then you can contact Lee at walkaboutmagic8@gmail.com or check all his magical links here – https://linktr.ee/Leesmithmagic8

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