Summer Clachan – Thursday 9th September 2022


The bookings for the 2022 Summer Clachan were the best since Christmas 2016 with almost 50 Old Friends and guests in attendance creating a great atmosphere and our thanks to organisers Tim Bonnett and John Watson for arranging the excellent venue.

As we gathered at 6.30 pm, the news that no one wanted to hear started to filter through – we had lost our nation’s figurehead and inspiration – Her Majesty the Queen. The rock on which modern Britain was built and the glue that kept it together for over 70 years.

It is somewhat ironic that at our last event, the Spring Guest Night at the RAF Club, I was privileged to propose the Loyal Toast on the exact day of Her Majesty’s 96th birthday in the Sovereign Suite with her magnificent portrait looking down on us.

It was so good to be surrounded by so many Old Friends who could rally together as we came to terms with such momentous news. Many left early to go to Buckingham Palace, just to be there and pay their respects.

It would be improper to discuss what a good time was had under the circumstances – but it is fair to say that the sprit and camaraderie of all was united.

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